New Site, Same Mission

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We recently launched a new version of If you have been an OCP follower for some time, you will quickly notice a few things that are missing from the old design. First, the homepage no longer features messages created by organizations and users. Second, the option for free users to create individual messages to Congress is no longer available. But our mission is still the same: We believe any American should be able to contact any official, whether they are elected to Congress or City Council.

Our change in design is an attempt to refocus the messages so that organizations, non-profits, PACs, candidates and campaigns, and businesses can effectively contact elected officials. In our previous design, we focused more on the individual. In our new design, we are focusing on harnessing each individual into a group and maximizing each message that is sent.

Look at it this way: When you walk through a garden, you hear a lot of things. The wind blowing through tree branches. The sound of your footsteps in the gravel. A distant car driving by. But do you hear the lone bee, flying from flower to flower? Not likely. Only when you get close to the beehive do all other noises disappear.
The same is true for messaging and advocacy. At OneClickPolitics, we are creating that “beehive” for messages to go out and impact elected leaders everywhere. That’s where change begins to happen and why we are dedicated to allowing organizations of all sizes a way to impact elected leaders. We are excited to launch this new chapter and look forward to hearing your feedback on all our design changes.

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