Election Day: Keep hope alive

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Well, it’s here. The day you’ve been waiting for or dreading. Maybe Election Day 2014 is the precipice of greatness, the edge of a whole new world for you. A world built by cold calls and door knocking. A world pulsating with possibilities, a vista of hope and opportunity. That young, new candidate is riding a landslide. That grizzled veteran incumbent who may just ward off the inexperienced Turks one more time. Maybe that no-name candidate will finally chip away at the household name incumbent who has held onto leadership of your district like a dying ship captain, tethered to a mast. Maybe these candidates and politicians, legislators and leaders will be carried by your hard work. Maybe not.

Maybe you answered the phone, shook the hand, or made the financial pledge. Maybe you screened the call, shut the lights and hid. Maybe Election Day simply represents the end of all those political ads you fast-forward while watching Scandal. And isn’t that reason enough to rejoice? We are One Click Politics, and we approve your dissatisfaction.

Sometimes, the greatest power of Election Day is what’s lurking unbeknownst to most constituents. Today’s unrecognizable name on the ballot may be next year’s public enemy. That name could grow into the person who rallies to close the power plant where all your uncles have worked for twenty years. That name could stop a school budget dead in its tracks. That name could put thousands of dollars back in your pocket. That name could funnel it all out. That name could change everything. Maybe good. Maybe bad. Maybe good for you, but bad for your neighbor. And isn’t that the rich pageant of American democracy, and the beauty of countless election days that come and go meaning nothing to you… until.

So here’s to Election Day and fighting the good fight. Here’s to those who advocate and those who don’t. But more importantly, here’s to today’s seed of indifference and the funny way it has of growing into tomorrow’s change.

Either way, it all comes down to this. Love it or hate it, this is our democratic process and it is your right to participate in it. It is your right to vote for whomever you choose, even if it’s only for the candidate you hate the least. And when the dust settles and all the votes are tallied, we’ll be here. Here to help you get your voice heard across both aisles of Congress or in the small town school board meeting. Because what we do matters long after the polling places close and the partisan bickering continues. What we do keeps your message at the forefront of the elected officials’ minds. We are One Click Politics and we want to give the power back to the people. So, go out and vote. Do your country proud. And remember we’re here when you need us.

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